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fs2-kafka: hard choices, Pipes and Weaver tests

38 minute read

FS2 Kafka is a great library that simplifies reasoning around Kafka by representing event flow as fs2 streams. In that part we play around with notion of Pipe, move error processing to explicit flow, and test Kafka with Weaver.

Write Y Combinator to understand recursions better

35 minute read

Implementation of Y Combinator from scratch (in Scala). It helps to understand structure of recursions. In the post we’ll take a look how to approach recursive functions without self-reference.

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Solve CNF with Tarjan

17 minute read

Today I want to describe my journey of writing a purely functional implementation for solving 2-satisfiability problem. Essentially it is a problem of assignment of boolean values to the given boolean formula. It is the special case of common bool...

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